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AreaMan believes that there is a common thread connecting first and second wave punk rock, post punk, indie rock, and the vital and visceral underground music that is bubbling up from LA’s crumbling dives and rapidly multiplying venues. It is this thread that they believe they weave their music with - for better or worse - as it has never been their style to stay within strict “genre-specific” guidelines.  


AreaMan’s self titled EP released on their own Blurt Records imprint starts with a ripping, up-tempo instrumental. The kind of subversion of expectation that frontman Ryan Guffey, a 16 year veteran of socal’s stages, bars, and punk dives, wants built in to everything they do. The AreaMan live show is visually exciting and chaotic, but the sound is meticulously rehearsed and planned. The audience is met with a spectacle of flailing limbs, thunderous drums, baritone vocals, saxophone, Moog synths, and whatever else the band can find to make noise with.


AreaMan has already created a buzz after sharing live bills with the likes of The Vibrators, Iron Chic, and Toys That Kill at venues of all sizes in LA since forming in 2018. They have steadily built a following and plan to build on it by gigging relentlessly in 2019


AreaMan initially formed as a kind of jokey side project for frontman Ryan Guffey and original guitar player Matt Sampson who were playing together in post hardcore band No State. Ryan played bass in that project and initially did double duty on Vox and Bass for AreaMan. Their first Drummer was Alex Ojeda and they performed as a three piece for a while, but there was something missing.  


Realizing that they had created a project that deserved to be more than a goofy hobby band, Matt and Ryan decided to take the band in a more serious direction. Alex departed shortly after citing his desire to keep things casual. Veteran drum smasher Joe Baxley, previously of the Barnyard Playboys, was recruited to tighten up the rhythm section and Ben Levin, previously of Broke til Thursday, relieved Ryan of his Bass Guitar duties allowing him to focus on being a frontman. Joel Dickman of No State was added on Sax and the AreaMan vision became fully realized. With this line up they recorded the self titled AreaMan EP in the Blurt Records Studio which Ryan built by hand in his San Pedro backyard. With Matt Sampson's departure Erik Zinkel has joined on guitar.

By the end of 2019 AreaMan aims to have released an EP, a 7 inch single, and begun writing and recording a full length. All of this while continuing to bring their electrifying live show to as many unprepared eyes and ears as possible.

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